I will now post any progress on this page, so that people can feel that there are more activity and comment if they want.

Last change: 05-05-2018


  • 01-03-2017 – Software to edit .SCR files (AIR project) [Seems to work perfectly, but still being tested]
  • Transcript video cutscenes
  • Edit text in menu images? (12/104 completed – in progress by patr0805)
  • Quick checks of the transcripts, verify ShowDialog2 correctness* (note for myself)

Lastly, things to analyse:

  • Verify that questions are not long enough to result in new lines.

Completed tasks:

  • 10-06-2017 – Transcript 701.scr
  • 10-06-2017 – Transcript 702.scr
  • 10-06-2017 – Transcript 703.scr
  • 20-05-2017 – Transcript 700.scr
  • 20-05-2017 – Transcript 610.scr
  • 06-05-2017 – Transscript 601.scr
  • 06-05-2017 – Transcript 607.scr
  • 22-03-2017 – Transcript 444.scr
  • 22-03-2017 – Transcript 501.scr
  • 11-03-2017 – Transcript 420.scr
  • 11-03-2017 – Transcript 400.scr
  • 10-03-2017- Transcript 285.scr
  • 10-03-2017 – Transcript 287.scr
  • 09-03-2017 – Transcript 260.scr
  • 09-03-2017-Transcript 241.scr
  • 08-03-2017 – Transcript 203.scr
  • 08-03-2017 – Transcript 233.scr
  • 08-03-2017 – Transcript 240.scr
  • 07-03-2017 – Transcript 163.scr
  • 07-03-2017 -Transcript 230.scr
  • 06-03-2017-Transcript 220.scr
  • 06-03-2017-Transcript 210.scr
  • 04-03-2017 – Transcript 200.scr
  • 03-03-2017 -Transcript 190.scr
  • 01-03-2017 -Transscript 170.scr containing the start of the story
  • 01-03-2017 – Hack Air EBOOT for better text appearance (AIR project)
    • result.png
    • Success.png
  • 24-02-2017 -Starts new project, AIR for PSP
  • 24-08-2016 – Final test completed and patch released
  • 17-08-2016 – Word-wrapping / Proof reading
  • 06-03-2016 – Editing of routes complete except for Kurugaya, but that will be complete soon.
  • 05-03-2016 – Editing of Mio route complete
  • 04-03-2016 – Editing of Mio route 90% complete
  • 02-03-2016 – Editing of Haruka route complete
  • 20-08-2015 – text is malplaced in minigames (related to newest patch and not the released
  • 19-08-2015 – text hack had a bug where text could move to the right and look unnatural
  • 19-08-2015 – minigames dialog translated.
  • 17-08-2015 – Title location issue in dialog messages in minigames.
  • 13-08-2015 – Relocated injected code in Eboot to a safe place where they won’t be overwritten thus making the game crash.
  • 13-08-2015 – Text rendering optimization
  • 08-08-2015 – finally fixed an issue where new lines were malplaced in popup messages and minigames dialog.
  • 11-02-2015 – Komari’ route (
  • 11-02-2015 – In Mio’s route, the 4-line poems (the seagull poem, the one Mio creates for the contest) sometimes go out of bounds.
  • 09-02-2015 – Spaces between letters (fixed, just learned how to assembly hack now 😀 )
  • 18-06-2015 – haruka’s route, there’s still an untranslated part wherein Kurugaya talks to Futaki
  • 18-06-2014 – The translatation is great! but in picking a group for kud to study with, its not translated.
  • 16-06-2014 – Following dialog from Anego’s route:
  • 16-06-2014 – Missing nomination translations like: ドシんまくんプランプリ2010王者

Took me a long time to fix the spaces between letters, but I learned something very usefull in the end. I learned how to assembly hack the Eboot to execute some injected custom MIPS code. This will also allow me to translate lines without restrictions on the length like before. In any case, I am sorry for the delay, but can now confirm that we will see progress now that the primary issue is out of the way.

Below is the current look of text.Keep in mind that I am still working on the tuning of the acurate width of each character, but I’ll perfect that after messing with some other problems.

may13Demonstration of question translation and width hack, so only the width of the translated text is glowing.


08-08-2015: Hi, I would like to inform why there has been so long a delay. I was a complete noob at assembly hacking / Reverse engineering an eboot and I could find little to no help on the internet in that area. This lead me to a long period of making my own methods and tools for handling the problem. It has litterally taken me a year to get a good grip of how its done, but university and daily life is of cause also to blame, but mostly the first. At present it seems that I have had good luck in the end as it seems that I have found how to deal with the issues that needed to be fixed with assembly hacking. I have told my tester to play though and do wordwrapping to speed up the process as much as I can. I am really looking forward to working on new VNs and my trip to Japan this summer have provided me with lots of them.

I thank you for your patience.


31 thoughts on “Progress

  1. I can’t wait for the update patch to be released 🙂 I just finished the game but I haven’t touched up on the bonus Kyousuke route. Great job ~! 🙂
    Also, Rewrite PSP version has been released ^_~

    • I have finally solved the issue with variable width. Not thanks to the link, but it did help (the link did inspire me to try and see the complexity of adding custom code at the end of the assembly). Now that the primary issue is out of the way, I can finally make a move for finalizing the next patch for this game and hopefully start a new project. I traced my way to the code that handles the individual letter’ cordinates in memory and injected some custom code to fix the issue. It sure was time consuming, but it should go faster with that in the future given that I now know a few strategies to get it done.

      • whoah this blog is magnificent i love reading your posts. Keep up the good work! You know, lots of people are hunting around for this inimaortfon, you could help them greatly.

      • I'd love to edit my movie but it's over 15 min. and I haven't been able to increase the time allotted. Can it be because I don't have text messaging on my cell phone? And what if someone doesn't have a cell phone? This is not a good way to serve your customers.

  2. Hey when I finished Komari route and after the end song some japanese words came out and I dunno which one to choose. both bring me to the main menu after I selected them. Can you tell me which one I should choose?

    • Thats the expected action. You are being brought to the main menu because you finished the route. I also showed an image of the message you are talking about on the releasepage. Just select the first button everytime and replay the game and get to each of the other routes. Once all routes are completed, refrain will activate and can be played from the menu.

  3. I was wondering, should I hold on reading Little Busters on my psp until you finish these text fixes for the next patch? I already have the April 2014 patched version in my psp but haven’t started it yet. I would like to read LB but I still have 4 or 5 other visual novels I can read while I wait, so I’m not in a rush. BTW, thank you so much for your dedication to this project! I truly appreciate it.

    • The project is close to completion however there hasnt been much work on it here lately, but that is because I am preparing for exams this june and I am taking part time jobs to try and earn enough money for a trip to Japan this july. For that reason I think the 1.0 release will be somewhere in july/august where there is a lot of time to work on it. It may come in may but that depends on how my exam situation and financial state is.

      • Oh, that’s excellent! Good luck with your exams! You’ll definitely graduate high school easily 🙂
        And you’re coming to Japan? Where and when? We can go get coffee some time ^_^

    • After a hard exam period i took a month vacation to japan, a trip i just came back from. I am still working on this project but university and vacation has taken my available time. I hope to provide an update this august or inform otherwise here.

  4. I’d like to donate something to you, but when I click the button, it says donation it’s no longer available.Only wanted to let you know 🙂

    • Okay I am currently trying to resolve the issue with Selz and if that won’t do then I’ll wait for my new VISA card to arrive so I can make myself a new Paypal account (I hate paypal.. worst company ever). Current status is that we are doing word-wrapping so if no unexpected errors arise then we should be close.

      • So the game will be fully translated(with the routes from ecstasy,too)?In any case,that’s fantastic.
        Can’t wait for both patch and donation button 😆

    • My japanese proficiency is not sufficient for translating the EX-content, but I am trying to see if I can do something about that (we are all still waiting for Doki to translate). For now, all untranslated lines that are in the original Little Busters has been translated (minigames, system messages), so japanese hopefully wont appear now.

  5. I’d like to know, would the patch for little busters complete edition work on a physical copy of the vita edition?
    I really want to buy it and add it to my collection but I don’t speak japanese, so this info would be really helpful to determine if i should buy the game or not 🙂

  6. Thanks for all the hard work everybody has put in to this. It’s greatly appreciated. Wish there were dedicated people for Photo Kano’s TL like this.

  7. please consider translating quinrose’s majoou, or the princess maker series T^T thank you so much for all your hardwork!

  8. I agree that it has been a long time, truth be told.. my mind, time and interest have been all over the place. It is as close to completion as it was like… half a year ago. What is missing is translating the text in the menu messages and videos.. (in other words, very little) Knowing little japanese, I got a bit disinterested as I looked up every single word for so many images, make sense of it and then somewhat translate it. At present, I can hope that somewhat after the exam at the 18th.. I will see if I can finish the project. I will definitely finish it as its this close.

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