New project! AIR: Converted Edition English Patch

Okay I have been idle for a long while now and have decided to resume my work. Originally I saw people having interest in a Rewrite patch. I have not read Rewrite yet and prefer to work with games I have found to my liking. I will likely read Rewrite in the future and from there I will maybe make an english patch for it.

The next game of my choice is Air. After that I think I may start working on Kanon seeing that the fileformats are very similar. Unlike the past with Little Busters I now have more experience with reverse engineering and expect to have something done much faster.


While I do have some basic knowledge of the japanese language, I am defintely not at a level where I can translate any novel. Just like with Little Busters I will make use of existing translation from the PC version, in the case of the Air novel there are two translations: One by “winter confetti” and one by “Gao Gao translations”. I am not entirely sure which to pick, but some quick google searches made it seem like “Gao Gao’s english translation” was more accurate. As such I think I will go with that one. I therefore give full credit to Gao Gao for any japanese translation I will need from his patch.

Progress: I have been looking at the files for the last few days and the formats seems very similar to those of Kanon. At this point, I have successfully written a compiler/decompiler for the script files of Air Converted Edition, furthermore I have successfully changed the EBOOT to make proper space for latin letters:

Results so far of decompiling SCR files into something manageable 🙂


Lastly as per the good old days I will have  Paragon4696 as a tester, I will look forward (or not) to receive his “list of doom.” as we call it.

Its nice to be working on something again 🙂


27 thoughts on “New project! AIR: Converted Edition English Patch

    • I dont own a Vita, but plan to get one. Also, where I am sure people wont have problems cracking their PSPs without risks, it looks a bit more of a grey area when it comes to PS Vita. If the game does not install itself on an SD card then I definitly have to make everyone patch a dumped copy of the game on their PS Vitas. If no tools exist for a majority of people to even run a dumped game then what gains does making a patch for the Vita has? Enlighten me if I am wrong though, I am not too much into the Vita yet, are there enough users that can run dumped games?

      Lastly, making PSP patches also effectively makes it work crossplatform seeing that PPSSPP is such an effective emulator for multiple platforms.

      • Installing Henkaku(which lets you “crack” games) on Vita is way easier than installing a cfw on psp. And yes, the games can(and have to) be copied onto the memory cards to be played. You can dump them yourself, or download them from the internet, like the PSP. Henkaku is available only for 3.60 firmware, yes. But a lot of the people who follow the fan-translation, “underground” scene, didn’t update their Vita. Many of them just bought a PSTV(20-30$)which is also crackable. Vita fan-translations are also sporadic, so releasing one could attract people who didn’t even play/know VNs or Air in particular.
        I just wanted to make a question, so it’s totally up to you. I love your patches anyway 🙂

  1. Wow, man, you’re amazing. Currently playing Little Busters on my PSP and was planning to read Air and Kanon on PC. Seeing that you’re working on another amazing project and have plans to port Kanon as well, I will wait for your projects to finish. Wish you all the best and thank you very much for all the work!

    • Still working on it, due to exams I have been too busy to finish it off, but now that I am done I have time again. The status is that I need translations for the menu images and the text in some videos before its done. I dont know much japanese so I have to see what I should do about this, but we are close.

  2. Hello may i ask something? how do you translate jap vn? is there a site where i can learn/read about it ? so i can do translate vn in the future?

    • what i mean is how do you change the text to jap- to english ? how do you hack the game so that you can change the script ?

      • There is usually never a direct way to do it. If the game uses fileformats that have existing tools on the internet then you are lucky. For PC VNs, they might be implemented against a VN engine like Real Life engine in which case you could use RLdev for extracting & changing the text. In my case I had some custom fileformats like SCR (Air), PAK (Little Busters archive) and some images compressed by a custom LZ compression algorithm. For those I had to reverse engineer them in order to change them and you can read the Little Busters documentation I uploaded for partial explanation of the process. That might give you an idea of what goes into doing something like that. Sometimes its not only enough to reverse engineer the files, sure the text is translated, but in Little Busters for PSP, only Shift Jis style text was allowed (or the game would crash) which means that there was unnatural spacing between the characters. To fix something like that you have to hack/inject code into the executable which can be quite hard. For Eboots one could use tools like hex-rays IDA or just PPSSPP debugging to track down where the charactertable is constructed. In LB I added a postscript there that changed the letters after they had been generated. I also found the number for textbox width such that the game could be adjusted for nonshiftjis letters. Keep in mind that PSP eboots are encrypted, so you have to find tools for decryption (a decrypted PSP eboot has the text ELF in the header) before you can inject MIPS assembly code into it.

        You are welcome to add me on skype if you would like to discuss it more. 🙂

      • Hello patro805 im Katou and i like to know more about translating vn’s is there any way i can contact yo besides skype? im really interested in translating vn’s/hacking but i dont know c nor c++ what language should i learn ?

  3. Thank you for all your hard work on projects like this! It really means a lot to people like me.
    Do you know when this project is going to be completed?

    • Likely during august, it has been very close for over a month, but there had been lots of examwork before july and many plans for vacation during july, thus i would say august

  4. Are you planning to do a Vita patch too Patrick? Air’s vita version has already been dumped so i can send you link if you want. If not would you consider future projects to be a Vita game? Vita has a a alot of great untranslated VNs like FSN and Rewrite, so can you look into those? Anyway thank you for your hardwork. Really enjoy Little Busters 🙂 Looking forward to Air too 🙂

  5. I ended up on this blog via Google search, but I would be thrilled to be able to play this game via PSP (and honestly, replaying Kanon with the NDT English patch(?? I’m assuming) but on PSP would be a dream~)

    Somehow, Kanon is the only Key VN I played back in the day (I loved the 2006 anime, too) so checking out more of Key’s VNs would be honestly wonderful 😀

    I hope this project is still happening, but I totally understand how life can get in the way. Good luck to you!

  6. hey dude, i’m translating kanon to my mother language, so i tried inject the translation on the .scr files with hex editor (didn’t work)
    if you want, can u pass me the tool that you used/created? i would love saw kanon translated on psp.
    (i’m planning in pass the eng tl too xD)

  7. I’m sorry for the hard-to-understand sentence due to my poor English.

    I have some questions for translating air in my language.
    I have done Planetarian patchmaking with others before.
    But this work alone does not get program help.

    You wrote that need to modify the EBOOT file to create enough script space for latin letters.
    I only know that the four hex codes in front of the script represent the order of the script.
    Could you tell me more about that part?
    Or, I know it’s rude, but can I get the work tools you have created?

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