Little Busters CE! PSP, second release



Finally we are ready to publish the second release of Little Busters! CE! english patch. The old patch only patched the install data and could therefore be installed using a simple exe patching program made using Patch Maker by ClickTeam.

*The game may  not function with old save files from the previous patch, to be sure we recommend a fresh install (remove all saves and the folders on the SDCARD: PSP/SAVEDATA/ULJM05789PAK and PSP\SAVEDATA\ULJM05789SYSTEM).

This time however it will be required that aside from patching the files, we will also have to place Pro CFW on your PSP for this second patch to function. This page will provide all steps required and I have never had any problems with it. In this PRO CFW state you will be able to play ISO’s from the SD card, hence how the steps described will create an english patched version of an ISO that we will explain how you RIP to the SD card from the physical UMD game. The install instructions are written further below, but first I would like to clarify why we have given the patch the version number V0.95 and not V1.0. Basicly, Little Busters! CE! Comes with 2 UMD discs, where the first disc will install the game on your SD Card and the second will be used to play the game afterwards. The text of the game is stored in these installed files and thats what the first part of the patch will affect. In Little Busters! there are a few minigames which unfortunately, has some text that resides in the game program of UMD disc 2 rather than in the installed files. Futhermore text appearence and other hacks to make it feel more natural to read in english requires that we also patch the files on the UMD disc 2 itself (It is still your own risk, but I have never had any issues with this process).

** We have used the translations from the PC version of Little Busters, so until LB: EX is translated, this patch will turn LB:CE into the original Little Busters!. Untranslated stuff from the EX edition has been removed, so you won’t be faced with untranslated lines from EX. Furthermore, I have found a translater, but after knowing that KEY intents to release LB in english for PC officially (as far as I know), I intend to wait or skip the EX content. The reason is that I would rather have fans flock over to buy the game from KEY to get the extra content than to download my patch.. you know, to show KEY that there can be money in making english releases hehe



This patch will work for every platform that support running PSP games (PSP; PPSSPP supported platform, Vita with PSP XMB (haven’t tested Vita yet, but previous comments suggest that PSP XMB will make playing this on Vita possible)).

The PSP emulator PPSSPP works on Windows, Android, IOS, Blackberry, Meego / Harmattan, Symbian, Pandora, Mac OSX and Linux.

According to Paragon4696, playing LB in PPSSPP will work best under the following settings:


Recomended PPSSPP settings for running Little Busters! Converted Edition!


Buffered rendering has to be enabled

The 60 FPS thing needs to be disabled

Software skinning has to be set disabled

Rendering resolution has to be disabled

Texture filter needs to be set to “Linear on FMV”


The game does not work as well in PPSSPP as on a real PSP, but the only known PPSSPP issues involve trivial things like an 1/4 – 1/8 second flick when switching from dialog with speaker to dialog without speaker (as far as I know).

How to install:



To install the patch, you will first have to install Little Busters! CE! using UMD disc one. If you are using PPSSPP and has an ISO, simply run the ISO of disc one and let it install. The process with the ISO’s are the same as with UMD discs using an actual PSP.

Once installed, download and open the following patch:

Download LB! CE! English Patch V0.95

As discribed by the patch, the install folder should be:






Once this is done it is time to patch the content of UMD 2, for that we first have to make your PSP run 6.60 PRO cfw and then RIP the second UMD of the game to an ISO on the PSP. First to get CFW on your PSP, follow the tutorial here: “” (the idea is to update your firmware to the original version 6.60, then each time you restart your PSP it will actually be the original firmware even though you have placed PRO CFW files on your SD Card). When you run the PROUPDATE you can press x all the way though and it won’t permanently install anything, it will just temporarilly restart as 6.60 PRO CFW (basically I feel it makes your PSP safe that it doesn’t make actual changes on the PSP flash, but I don’t know how this works entirely so don’t hang me up as responsible if anything you do goes wrong).

When this is done download ISO tool here “” and extract the folder “iso_tool” such that the path on the SD card will be: “PSP/GAME/iso_tool”, disconnect the PSP from the computer, insert the second UMD of Little Busters CE! and go to game->memory stick and open iso_tool, press X on the [UMD DRIVE] -> Press X on ISO Convert -> Call it what you want and ENTER -> Click Yes to start and let it complete.

Now that you have an ISO of UMD 2 (allowing you to play the game offline), it is time to patch it, Download this small portable tool UMDGen “” and open the program within it. Copy the ISO from the SD card (we are going to open it with a tool later that can’t overwrite the file it opened) to the computer and open that copied ISO with this program and press “extract image” in the top menu bar. Select an empty folder (or create one) and click OK. When completed, download this patch to patch the extracted files: ““, open this patch program and select the LITBUS1 folder within the directory you extracted the ISO to earlier. When the patch is complete, open up UMDGen again and delete all files and folders, then drag and drop all folders and files you extracted earlier (now patched) to the files window of UMDgen. Now simply press save and save it in the ISO folder of your SD card (remove the old ISO if desired). Your DONE! 😀

Now whenever you want to play this game, go to GAME -> memory stick and if Little Busters CE! isn’t in the list then open PRO update and press X till your PSP restarts, then Little Busters should be visible.

Have fun!

Hacking documentation

As per an old request I wrote a general guide for how I reverse engineered the files of Little Busters, there are a lot of stuff I won’t go into detail with at this point, but maybe at a future time, but I hope that it will shed light on how you do these types of translation projects.


Special thanks to:

– Paragon4696 for QC and testing work. Thanks to him, countless issues have been discovered, where we sometimes anticipated what we would call “the list of doom”.. also, thanks for the Kud banner…

– Kaguya for helping with menu and window translation.

– Whoever made the background we used in the top banner.

– PC version translation team whose translations are used in this patch.


Extra banner by Paragon4696



27 thoughts on “Little Busters CE! PSP, second release

  1. Hi. I have a big problem. Each time I try to patch the iso of the umd 2 I have the same message : ” invalid folder”. Any idea? Thanks

  2. Hi, I’m using PPSSPP on mobile and I can’t seem to install the UMD 1. I run the disc 1 on japanese and i just shows a screen and doesn’t let me go anywhere. Running disc 2 shows a message saying something about disc 1, i cant make anything out because its on japanese. Any help?

    • I really want to, its just that right now I have alot of focus on a project I may be able to sell. I do have a great interest in making KEY games available for PSP and I have recently begun reading VNs again. For the sake of morale I want to have played a VN before making patches for them, I have completed playing Kanon and is currently playing Air (PC), from this I currently have most interest in porting one of those.

      • I also finished Kanon some days ago on a win tablet and now i’m playing Air (and after that Clannad & Rewrite); i think it’s a good idea to make a patch for these games because there aren’t many english translated VN on PSP, and also these games are classics many would like to play on the go.

      • I have now finally taken then step to translate Air, this game will be much easier to port than Little Busters. I am already beginning to see the end. Since Kanon is based on the same engine, it may be as simple to port that as it has been for Air so far.

  3. I finished Little Busters some weeks ago and found some small errors and made pictures of it (some untranslated stuff, small errors and maybe about 10 pages where the last part of a sentence is repeated on the next page, like:
    “I’m going to school tomorrow”
    next page:
    “school tomorrow”).
    Most of them don’t affect gameplay, the game is fully playable, but if you make a final patch someday and need the pictures, i can mail them to you.

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