Update on upcomming patch and future project

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Hi everyone,

its been a long time since I last time wrote an update to this blog and I thought it would be about time a clear some things up. Ever since the last patch was released I have spent countless hours trying to figure out how one should approach the problem of hacking the Eboot (program) of the game “Little Busters! CE!” for PSP. Lack of documentation and help on the internet meant I had to come up with varies methods to accomplish what had to be done. In the end it took me at least a year before I discovered some decent ways that worked with these thousands of lines of machine code. The good news however is that the problems that required hacking has been completed and the only thing we have left now is the process of editing (thanks to Paragon4696 for assisting in this). The patch will be released as soon as we have completed testing and editing. I am also writing a smaller documentation to give an insight in how I reverse engineered the game that I will post when finished. Hopefully that will be of some help for people who would like to do similar projects themselves.

My observation has been that most people would like a patch for “Rewrite”. I have looked over the files and have found how to separate some parts of the files as well as partly understanding how and where text is represented. However as I want to play a game before actually working with it I will have to play it first before I start replacing all the lines, but I can still work on reverse engineering the game. The experience I have received from the previous project should hopefully assist greatly in having this patch done faster than the previous.

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18 thoughts on “Update on upcomming patch and future project

  1. Nice going, glad you got the translation issues sorted. Too bad I already finished it on the original patch, but oh well… Also, about that, after playing my copy through as I would the original Little Busters, I decided to play Kurugaya’s route again, to get that last CG. But then I happened to accidentally stumble upon the start of Futaki’s route from EX. So I was able to finish that route, and after following the walkthrough found I could actually access all of the routes, all untranslated, of course. It seems like the EX content is (at least in my case) locked until you finish refrain, which is pretty much how it should work, but that it isn’t actually ‘removed’ from the game entirely. So you know, when they finally release that refrain translation, you might not actually have to ‘unlock’ it in order for the text to display. Also, you have no idea how much joy the thought of Portable Playable Rewrite brings to me. Keep on keepin’ on!

  2. Out of curiosity, would it be possible for you to make a PS3 patch? I have no idea how much work would require to do that though.
    Of course, many thanks for the PSP patch!

    • I will do that someday, the reason we are taking so long right now just to release the next LB patch right now is that its just me and my tester right now and we have a lot of dialog to edit. The next patch that fixes text has had the side effect that the game is unable to put linebreaks by itself.. therefore me and my tester has to go though every dialog and insert linebreaks of the game before we are done. When this is done I think the next project will be Rewrite, but I am a KEY fan that would love to see all KEY novels ported to PSP someday 🙂

  3. Just wanted to take a second to express my thanks. I had previously completed Clannad several years ago, and wanted to try another game by Key. I happened to obtain my first PSP about a month ago, and stumbled upon your patch, so I decided to give Little Busters a try since I’ve always heard good things about it. I’ve been playing it every night the past week and can’t put it down! I really appreciate the hard work you and everyone involved put into this project, and I’m looking forward to any future updates and projects. Thanks again!

    • It will be as complete as the original patch for the pc version, my japanese is not good enough to translate the ex content, but just so you know, the ex content is not part of the original story, its just extra that you can explore once its released. I plan to release the next patch soon and then work on something new.

      • Andrea “Bruno” BrrantoApuil 8, 2011I have disabled all the plugins but the problem persists. I contacted you through the contact form I find in this site to give you FTP permissions.

  4. It’s been almost a year since your last post… Do you have any more updates for us? since the kurugaya route has been in 90% completion for a while. I’m just wondering that’s all.

    • Well lots have happened and it’s just a lot of work to do for me alone, the 90% was a measurement including my editor’s part of the work, but it turned out that he misunderstood what he was supposed to do for the last work. Therefore I now have to do his share too this time around, but for now, the only thing remaining is about 30% of Kurugaya route. I am sorry for all the wait, but I have been doing everything I can.

      • I understand and thank you for all your hard work in this project and am looking forward for your patch 🙂

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