First release fixed, Little Busters! CE! English Translation project

cropped-cropped-lbpsp1.pngI post this to inform everybody that they should update their Little Busters PSP installation to the newest patch. Basicly, it was possible before to enter Rin’ route untranslated which is now fixed with this update. The update will not damage saves and should be installed by reinstalling the game and the new patch.

The old downloadlink of the release post has been updated to the newest patch. Please redownload the patch like you did before from the previous post.

Release Post link:



27 thoughts on “First release fixed, Little Busters! CE! English Translation project

  1. Dude, you did a lovely job, thanks! Just a small observation: in Mio’s route, the 4-line poems (the seagull poem, the one Mio creates for the contest) sometimes go out of bounds, so you can’t read the last line most of the times. Hope you get to solve that for the next update. Cheers!

    • Thanks for the heads up, its added to the progress tab. For anyone else who might want to know. The reason progress seems to have halted for a long time is due to schoolwork and that I even after months still havent figured out how to make the text look normal (without the big spaces between letters). I hope to find it soon and finish the next patch.

      • Awesome, I’m looking forward to your next patch. You ever considered doing the PSP port of Air as one of your next projects? I know you’re swamped so I’m not expecting you to, but since that’s the best version of the game, I figured I’d ask.

    • Many friends have asked me about why I didnt add a donate button and my reason for not doing so is that I wanted to have people show desire to donate before adding a button for it (I wasnt sure how appropriate it was to add one actually, so I wanted to see people prompt for it before adding it) 🙂 I’ll see to adding it and ofc. I will describe progress in the progress tab for the LB patch. It won’t be long now before I feel like we can move over to a new project, me and Paragon4696 cant wait!

  2. Hey dude, just a heads up, there’s two more small bugs I discovered on the Komari route. The first one takes place during the *SPOILERS* dead kitty scene. Some Japanese characters appear and break down the sentence.

    The second one’s more of a word omission by lack of space and it’ll probably get fixed when you apply the new font and spacing fix. Check out how this dialogue box ends:

    To be fair, I don’t know if there’s a word or two missing, but the sentence ends abruptly and I find it weird that it doesn’t end with a quotation mark. That’s about it, just wanted to let you know. As always, I love your work. Cheers!

  3. Found another set of set of small bugs on the first Rin route, all of them in the same scene, almost at the end when they’re (SPOILERS) practicing to entertain the school administration when they visit. The dialog boxes almost look the same if not for the small Japanese characters, a different one in each:

  4. This is a small one, also in Haruka’s route, right after she *SPOILERS* hands Riki his bento box. Kengo starts this line with a Japanese character.

  5. I’ll be honest, I don’t know if there’s an issue here, but I was trying out to Masato route and, right after *SPOILERS, I guess* stopping the fight between Kurugaya and Masato, she sticks a paper to his backside and Riki never actually says what it reads. Is the line also like this in the original Japanese? Look:

  6. This is what comes up when you *SPOILERS, maybe* try to fight the third life form (after beating the first two in past routes):

  7. I’m approaching the end, so this might be the last bug/untranslation (of the main story, anyway). (BIG SPOILERS) Right after discovering Kyousuke is behind the secret messages, Riki and Rin hold a conversation and this screen happens:

    • The shuttle program was trnanitiosed under Bush to a next generation vehicle. Obama killed the vehicle and refused to delay the cancellation of the shuttle program.And no it wasn't replaced by commercial programs, it was replaced by Russian vehicles which failed us.

  8. Another one on the (SPOILERS) Rin 2 route: after Riki and Rin make their escape, a few days pass and they start running out of food, this shows up:

  9. Will the patch be updated to fix the current bugs? There are quite a few untranslated lines and weird letter spacing issues I’ve come across. I hope the project isn’t dead or anything…

  10. So is there any chance that a patch for the vita version is possible? I know its not priority or anything, I’m just curious to hear what you know about it.

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