First Release: Little Busters! CE! English Translation project



Finally we are ready to publish the first release of Little Busters! CE! english patch. The patch is a Windows Executable patching program made using Patch Maker by ClickTeam.

The install instructions are written further below, but first I would like to clarify why we have given the patch the version number V0.9 and not V1.0. Basicly, Little Busters! CE! Comes with 2 UMD discs, where the first disc will install the game on your SD Card and the second will be used to play the game afterwards. The text of the game is stored in these installed files and thats what this patch will affect. In Little Busters! there are a few minigames which unfortunately, has some text that resides in the game program of UMD disc 2 rather than in the installed files. This means that some text are still untranslated in this patch, but this is ONLY in connection with things like the minigames. The minigames still have game instructions, tips and controls in english, but some dialog like Rin cursing Riki for when you hit the cats in the baseball game is untranslated. This does not affect the experience of the game since the vital parts of the minigames are translated and the minigames aren’t important to the plot anyway, so if you haven’t played LB before, don’t worry, it shouldn’t be a problem.

** This game is a port of LB EX, but without the eroge content. We have used the translations from the PC version of Little Busters, so until LB: EX is translated, this patch will turn LB:CE into the original Little Busters!. Untranslated stuff from the EX edition has been removed, so you won’t be faced with untranslated lines from EX.

I may upload a complete patch later, but patching the binary game file of a game is more difficult than reverse engineering the games files and archieves (I haven’t found a way to deal with it yet). Also, it would require people to homebrew enable their PSP. This version doesn’t affect other than the installed files, so its fully compatible with an unhacked PSP.

Among the untranslated lines there are two I would like to explain, first is when you click “go to menu”, you will get the following:



Which translates along the lines of: “Are you sure you want to return to the main menu” (YES and NO)..

Lastly when you complete a route, a choice will be given where you can simply select the first choice.



This patch will work for every platform that support running PSP games (PSP; PPSSPP supported platform, Vita with PSP XMB (haven’t tested Vita yet, but previous comments suggest that PSP XMB will make playing this on Vita possible)).

The PSP emulator PPSSPP works on Windows, Android, IOS, Blackberry, Meego / Harmattan, Symbian, Pandora, Mac OSX and Linux.

According to Paragon4696, playing LB in PPSSPP will work best under the following settings:


Recomended PPSSPP settings for running Little Busters! Converted Edition!


Buffered rendering has to be enabled

The 60 FPS thing needs to be disabled

Software skinning has to be set disabled

Rendering resolution has to be disabled

Texture filter needs to be set to “Linear on FMV”


The game does not work as well as on a real PSP, but the only known PPSSPP issues involve trivial things like an 1/4 – 1/8 second flick when switching from dialog with speaker to dialog without speaker. .


How to install:

To install the patch, you will first have to install Little Busters! CE! using UMD disc one. If you are using PPSSPP and has an ISO, simply run the ISO of disc one and let it install. The process with the ISO’s are the same as with UMD discs using an actual PSP.

Once installed, download and open the following patch:

Download LB! CE! English Patch V0.9


As discribed by the patch, the install folder should be:






Special thanks to:

– Paragon4696 for QC and testing work. Thanks to him, countless issues have been discovered, where we sometimes anticipated what we would call “the list of doom”.. also, thanks for the Kud banner…

– Kaguya for helping with menu and window translation.

– Whoever made the background we used in the top banner.

– PC version translation team whose translations are used in this patch.


Extra banner by Paragon4696



135 thoughts on “First Release: Little Busters! CE! English Translation project

    • Ador toamna. Ma simt cea mai îtiminplă persoană. Ador bataia vantului aspru ce imi raceste trairile, ador frunzele ce imi cad in par, ador sunetul pasilor mei grabiti prin frunzele uscate. Nu ma mai satur priviind culorile aramii a întregului oraÈ™… Ah, toamnă, te aÈ™teptam!

  1. Thx dude, i will enjoy it. ^_^ Can you post the process you did for making the patch ? I would like to try to do the same. ^_^

      • Great. ^_^ I always prefer my game to be played on the move. ^_^ Thx, i might translate the clannad game or something else on psp. ^_^

      • Great if you could do this, I would be willing to help with word wrapping! Or if you can just email/skype me or something. I have allot of free time these days, with no projects. I like to work on released projects also, as It’s an awkward situation when something is leaked. ^.^
        Skype: Dmaskell92

    • Not really, it the xclannad homebrew and the only compiled version i found was not stable when i used it 2 year ago. I was just saying a title like this who got 2 umd for playing it. There was an upcomming psp version of Rewrite comming soon later this month.

      • You’re right, it’s a PC port not a PSP mod. Load time takes up to 4 minutes before starting, sounds horrible. I saw it once as I skimmed over a forum, but after taking a better look…

  2. If later updates get released, can I just apply them to my existing installation without losing my savegame? Or would it be better to wait in order to get the full experience? (Don’t really want to do the same routes twice)

    • The update I was talking about in the post won’t affect the script files, so it wouldn’t harm your saves validity. If we get the EX translations in sometime (compare that to when you think the EX translation will be released), it most likely won’t affect your saves either. The latter is still possible however, but a SAVE that is always valid regardless of what we are going to change is a save made around the start of the day/route. This is just to keep you informed, so I’ll leave the choice to you 😉

      • is Union Jack – Two Full Moons & Trout (Union Jack Mix). Again @ 37:35, we have Union Jack – Two Full Moons & Trout (Oniairgl Mix).

      • pukpnimpie ran out of steam before she got to the lovely baby doll and its snowsuit that I got her – and the $6 dora little people were the big hit anyway, so I’m fully putting the doll away in the closet and giving it to her birthday instead. (love from The Grinch)

    • Yes its normal because I have written everything in shift-JIS. The reason for that is that the PSP edition sees spaces as a command, thus making the game crash when I used them. I wanted to be on the safe side and therefore wrote everything in ShiftJIS.
      I can decrease the space width if I wanted, but with the long letters I found the space width fitting.
      Anyway, my observation is that one quickly gets used to everything being written like this. I did and just eventually stopped thinking about it when I read. 🙂

    • I am aware of that. In my release post, I mentioned untranslated lines in connection with the minigames. That includes the comical battles a little. (dynamic strings such as who won and lost is stored in the game program, thus its a different process to change it and I haven’t found a working method yet).

      • I see, i thought it wasn’t connected to mini games because all you do in that part was read the battle nonsense :3
        Thanks again for answering my questions! 😀

    • Keep in mind that the PSP version isn’t exactly like the EX version. Basicly, the eroge content has been turned into all ages rated stuff. To answer your question however, no it would not and I am only waiting for the PC translation, so that I can make a complete patch.

  3. I was waiting for this since the start.
    Thank you very much for all your effort.
    I’m finishing Komari route right now.
    The feeling of playing a Visual Novel in a portable is much more pleasant than playing it on the computer!
    Thank you very very very much for making this. ❤

    Also please forgive my bad english, I am not a native speaker.

  4. Also I want to mention that after the common route (2nd time playing), all the Rin1 route is not translated, the japanese text starts just after the LB group photo is taken

    Can you fix this, please?

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    • This patch is not the game itself, but a patch for turning the original game into English. The folder ULJM05789PAK is created on the SD Card of your PSP under [MEMORYCARD] /PSP/SAVEDATA/ULJM05789PAK, when you have installed LB! using UMD disc one of the game.

      In short, acquire the game, install it using disc one, select the installed ULJM05789PAK folder with the downloaded patch from this site and click install.

      • I somehow managed to install the patch without using a disc. I created the ‘ULJM05789PAK’ folder, and redirected the content on UMD disc one, to instead go to the ‘ULJM05789PAK’. This did indeed cause trouble for my PSP, and caused it to crash and even corrupted my games save data ( I got over 20 games ). So I kinda had lost all my data, but 3rd try it seemed to work. If you’re willing to take the risk, do it. I also took a quick glance on some forums where they mentioned an easier way without the risk of losing your games. There is also a 2nd method, where you can download the ‘ULJM05789PAK’ folder separately from the game, and replace it. Thus replacing the Japanese text. Then place the patch in your downloaded folder ‘ULJM05789PAK’. I must warn you though, this caused a lot of crashes on my PSP. But the PSP is a hardcore masochist 😀

      • UPDATE: My PSP is now corrupt. Shouldn’t have tried to mess with the data 😦
        So yeah… don’t do it unless you wanna make your PSP unusable…

    • Credens Deus, I cannot comprehent how this patch in any way should make it possible to corrupt your PSP. If anything, your PSP would just freeze due to corrupt data, but not get bricked… the only conclusion I can draw is that you yourself have tried some experimental method and somehow have destroyed your save files & your PSP.. next time, just follow the instructions instead…

      • I was just trying to find a way around for those who can’t afford to buy the game. My PSP getting corrupted has of course nothing to do with your patch. But I did enjoy the half hour I spent on the game. I’ll just gonna buy another PSP.

  6. hey patr0805
    i’ve played this game with your patch. it’s awesome.
    thank to you now i able to play LB! from psp. 🙂
    by the way. i’m on kud route now.
    the patch gone to japanese text again at kud’s route.
    its after riki got phone call from kud and the text is japanese again when riki met with komari the next day.
    can you help to fix that?

    thanks again patr0805 🙂

  7. hey again patr0805 🙂
    i’ve been wondering if futaki, saya and sasami route isn’t translated yet?
    because when i enter their route the text begin to change to japanese again.

    sorry for bother patr0805
    thank you! 😀

  8. You might be interested to know that I located Fluffy’s LB! repository ( and the seen.txts for Kanata and Sasami’s routes are fully translated (there is a seen.txt for Kanata’s bad end that isn’t translated yet though)

    What’s your moral standing on using translations that haven’t yet been released to the public through patches? (though it’s on a repository that *anyone* can access so it’s technically public anyway)

    • Thanks alot! I have now downloaded the repository and am currently looking if there is enough material to do this. 🙂

      Whats my moral on it? Well, as long as I am respecting those who made the translations and credit their work enough, I don’t think it will be that much of a problem. Also, if I could see progress on the translation more instead of it taking years to complete, I would be more patient about waiting for it.

  9. In the Battle Ranking system, I ended up with a title that was left untranslated that looks like it might have been exclusive to the PSP edition or something – I can’t get a screen cap of it, but it has 2010 in it’s title. Anyone know what this title is?

    • ドシんまくんプランプリ2010王者
      there were several of them… unfortunately I don’t know what it means…King of something…. ugh..

      \\Some crashes encountered\\
      If I manage to force Kyouske to be number 1 and Kengo’s battle rank will display this:

      My psp turns off all of a sudden. Too bad I accidentally deleted the savefile after trying it for 5 times to confirm the bug..damn.. :/ This was using the first patch tough…I’m not sure if it is still present in the second patch.

      Also, I encountered this one in Anego’s route:

      • Thanks for the information, I’ll start working right away 🙂 I have fixed the first and last problem. The second one may take a little time (I have to trigger it myself)..

      • You say that you wanted to force Kyousuke to be number one in the battle rankings, but in the image Rin is at number one. I have now tried having both Kyousuke and Rin as #1, but there is no crash.
        This could be related to the first patch, but
        Could you be a little more specific 🙂

  10. Do you think you will port more translations to the PSP? I saw that Steins;Gate has a PSP version, it would be surreal to play it portable some day

      • RE:To get us out of the great depression, the highest income tax rate was 94%. The wealthy paid it!Today, when the doodoo hits the fan, the wealthiest lobby for more tax cuts from the Republicans. Who is the selfish in this sc4!?rioa9e%n!! Remember that ya douche bag.

  11. the translatation is great! but in picking a group for kud to study with, its not translated…. is it intentional? even so… i save before picking a choice and load it if not satisfied.

  12. Hello, I actually have a question about setting it up. Do I install this onto my computer or install it from the psp browser? Thanks

      Reading comprehension, dude.

      • Can you shut the hell up please? I know nothing about computers. Your advice was far from helpful.

      • Sigh. It’s literally two steps though. Acquire the game and replace the game files.

    • You are gonna love your tribest!!! I cannot live without mine, it’s been all over the world with me. Good luck making smoothies whilst at 105 tho, mine never got any usage! Lol but if you do, you’ll be doing better than me! Gosh Amber, your posts are making me miss the place more than I do (never thought possible !)

  13. Do you own a PSP ? If yes second continue to read, if no check for an emulator. Do you have a physical copy of the game ? If yes, put the first umd, install and follow the OP ! I

    f no, you need to install a cfw (custom firmware) like Pro-C, verify your psp version, apply update before for the last ofw (official firmware) and install the Pro-C 6.60 in the end of this post.

    You need to put it on the folder on your memory stick (with a memorystick adapter or usb male mini b cable on the psp), the folder is locate in ms:\psp\game\”folderforeboot”\eboot (replace the folderforeboot with the folder in the compressed archive you just downloaded in the bottom link, ms means your memory stick folder)

    Now, on your game folder of your psp, install the cfw with Pro PSP Firmware Update, it will be installed inside your psp, it is not permament, after it has been done, if your psp’s an old model like every PSP-1000 or some PSP-2000, you can permanently hack it with CIPL Flasher in the same section. It will not let you install if you have a recent psp. If you cannot install it, you need to run each time you totaly close it the Fast Recovery.

    Now that’s done, you got a fabulous website called, on the search section, select game and search the term Clannad PSP, i will not hotlink. The one i found got the save folder ready, you just need to put it on the ms:\psp\savedata. Now you take the 2 iso file, only the second iso’s the required one, create a folder in the root of your memory stick and name it iso, put it both of them there. You need at less a 2gb memory stick for using the game. I am not sure if 2gb’s enough but 4gb’s the safe minimum.

    Now time to apply the patch, read the OP ! When finish, launch the second iso in your game folder. Enjoy clannad for free. If you still cannot understand, you are a loss cause… Everyone was noobs one day or another but they read tutorial and finish by understanding the concept and how it work. Google’s your friend for starting. BTW, what i said’s totaly illegal. If you did not got it, it is called piracy.

    • If you want to play the PS3 version, one of my skype contacts is currently using my tools to make a patch for the PS3 version. I can’t garantee anything.. All you can do is either play the PC version or wait and see if he finishes/publishes it.

  14. i see, i will wait for ps3 version then, but please tell me if your friend finish it i will very grateful

  15. I have exams at the moment, but when its done I’ll finish the mentioned issues and word-wrapping (perhaps) with Little Busters! CE!. About future projects, I will only work with games I have allready played so far and since I am a relatively new VN reader it isn’t much. I am thinking of doing Kanon PSP and also Rewrite PSP when it comes out. I’ll make a post about it when I am confident that I can complete a project (hackingwise) though I can say that the Kanon files does look simple enough so far.. in any case, I’ll look back on that when there is time for it.

    • Anymore visual novels you can bring the translations to PSP the better – it makes it a lot easier and faster reading through them on PSP over their PC versions. I really appreciate it when people bring the ENG translations to the PSP versions, so please keep up the good work!

      Also, I know you’re only thinking about games you’ve read before, but would any of these be on your radar for working on?
      – Aselia the Eternal
      – Never 7, Ever 17, Remember 11
      – Grisaia no Kajitsu
      – G-senjou no Maou
      – Sharing no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo (and perhaps it’s fandisc)
      – Tears to Tiara

      I just brought these up since they seem to be considered some of the best known ENG translated VNs that would probably be good to play on the PSP.

  16. Started Little Busters on the PC and thought it would be much more enjoyable portably and found this. Thanks for this.

    • Do you mean to say that you have a previous patch installed and is trying to install the newer patch? Or are you trying to patch a currently fresh install?

    • You need to reinstall the game and apply the new patch. Just make sure you dont remove your saves 🙂 The patch only works against the original japanese installation.

    • Its not your PSP.. so all it means is that I have missed something, most likely a pointer that should skip Ex content. I’ll take a look at it when I have time (I am in exam period), but thanks for pointing it out.

      • I watched the youtube playthough for the part and noticed that the untranslated scene wasn’t part of her route. Is it possible for a scene from Ex to wind up there? (The scene is after the 4th choice at Haruka’s route, if this helps)

      • “I decided to send a note saying: [Don’t worry about what Chief Futaki said”
        “And, sent”
        “I returned to the corridor”
        “Haruka-san was walking hurriedly down the hallway”

        Hope this helps…

  17. I noticed during a battle scene where my random weapon were the oven mitts that some lines relating to friendship or something had a long line of Japanese in the middle of it, is this intentional as it can’t be fixed?

    • Yes, some lines of the minigames are inside the actual game program instead of the game files thus making it impossible for me (at the moment) to change it.. When I am done with my exams I am going to try everything to make the next patch fix as much as possible.

  18. I am an English speaker currently living in japan. I few days ago, I purchased a PS Vita and Little Busters: Converted Edition in the hopes of installing this patch.
    Unfortunately, while I have a lot of experience with computers, I have almost none with any kind of PS system.
    If some could tell me how to install the patch on a PS Vita, I would be in your debt.

    • You need to reinstall the game. The patch only works against the original japanese installation. If it makes you feel more safe, backup your saves.

      • Still with the same error.
        I deteled my ULJM05789PAK folder, use the 1st umd and reinstall the folder, then start the patch, I look for the folder, in my case H:\PSP\SAVEDATA\ULJM05789PAK and is still with the failure to recognize the versions of .PAK

    • I had the same problem and I fixed it not too long ago. If you want, you can email me and I’ll tell you how, because I don’t think I’m allowed to say how here…

  19. I just finished the game and I would like to say, “THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HARD WORK AND DEDICATION! HAHAHA” Because of you, I was able to finish the game on my psp! Thank you very much!

  20. Im stuck. After the first mission starts where Rin is trying to recruit a new person to Lb, where Sasami turns up, my game freezes and shuts off. It occurs after the line of Sasami’s club member says that she will help her. I think there is a CG and a fight turns out betwen them like in the anime

    • could you send a savefile to my email: Also, sorry for the wait, but I wont be home for this week and the next. I plan to fix everything when I get home, so just to be sure that I can fix stuff with maximum speed, send the folder with the save files (not the game installation folder).

  21. sorry to be a bother but I seem to be doing something wrong…. I have a copy of Little Busters converted edition and downloaded you patch. my psp states that its corrupted data! or it won’t even show it, how do I avert this? any hep appreciated. psp is old first module, would this affect the program?

  22. ummm….. not to sure what a Firmware is? how do I install one of these? if you could explain for me and sorry but simple words I’m not a techpreist…. the PSP was bought off Amazon boxless for £20 sooo not a top of the line model and no information all I have is a serial number: 01-27400019-0619948-PSP1003.

  23. Hey, thanks a lot for bringing Little Busters to PSP!

    However, I’m getting an “unknown version” error on the PARTS.PAK when trying to install it the patch on my PSP. And it’s a fresh install, right after installing LB onto PSP using the CE Disc 1.

    Any idea what went wrong and how to fix it? The CRC32 of my PARTS.PAK is 7C90A3C7.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Yes, but university and work have been taking alot of my free time here lately. I’ll finish the LB patch stuff and will see to it that more KEY games will be ported. I am not sure which KEY game I will take on, but Rewrite is very possible. I would also like to port Kanon, but I believe (have not tested) that translating Rewrite would be a faster project to complete since its script files would likely have more simularities with LB than Kanon. I’ll announce it when I’ll start working on a new VN.

  24. hey thanks! I just tried this out and it worked! btw, does this translate Kanata, Sasami and Saya routes minus the H-content?

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