update 16-12-2013 (Komari’s route complete)


*Please notice that the translations arent done by me, I take the translations from the translated PC version of Little Busters! thus,  I am only doing the job of replacing the texts of the game to that of the PC version. (not that doing that alone isn’t hard..ha..ha..)

A little message:

For those who are following the project.. I ran into several critical bugs that now has taken a mounth to fix.

Anyway, those bugs are now fixed, thus I can now focus more on the translation again.


I have finished translations for common route & Komari’s route.

I am currently working on Rin 1’s route.

Best regards

Patrick Bjoerkman


11 thoughts on “update 16-12-2013 (Komari’s route complete)

  1. Keep going ! I’m supporting for you !
    i really want to see this one in english and play this entirely !
    Rooting for ya !

  2. LMAO. i saw nico XD. nice blog nico.

    wow another team translate little buster nice done amigo. can someone make a team for translate danganronpa 2 ? XD. sorry just my opinion.

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