Little Busters! Converted Edition English Patch: A little introduction to the project


This will be my first post, so lets start of with a little reasoning as to why I am doing this project. I was really moved by the story of this visual novel and I found that I couldn’t get an english patch for the converted edition of this game and for other KEY games as well. That got me started on working on a patch myself.

Furthermore I am planning on contributing on translation projects of visual novels and maybe manga in the future, but I have only studied the japanese language for one semester now. For that reason I cannot do translation work, but seeing that Little Busters! for PC has been translated by another team allready, I can simply use their translations for this project which means that I will only have to patch the translations into the game.


Credits for the translations of my upcomming patch therefore goes to this team listed below (taken from!)


How is the project going now? Well I am currently working on a software that can be used to translate KEY games based on Real Life Engine. I am aware of the existence of RLDEV, but that software simply refuse to work with the converted edition PAK files, so I am writing my own tool.

Currently my tool is able to change all the dialog of the game, so the worst part is done. I only need to fix one bug where the game crashes when I exceed a specific file length of a scenario file. When that is done, I should be able to translate the game completely.

When this project is complete. I believe that it can be used to patch other converted editions of other KEY games, so stay tuned… perhaps Clannad Converted Edition will be translated too with it.


Patrick Bjoerkman


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